Are They Going to Start Charging for Facebook?

Some of today's many Facebook users who shared the news about Facebook's plans to impose a monthly fee for its users starting Nov. Of course, is not true because the news first posted by the site which is a site that containing news Hoax. Facebook itself is reported to be in the form of the fight against the satire sites.

Nationalreport is a satire news site that contains a fake news, "wrote The Economic Time, Tuesday (23/9)
Previously reported by that began on 1 November, Facebook will charge a monthly fee of US $2.99.

On the rumored news, that Facebook financial difficulties due to the increase in the number of users and are not balanced by adequate advertising revenue, as a result, they must issue new rules providing a monthly fee on its users.

News of the hoax next given the explanation for users who want to enjoy Facebook for free, simply typing I AM POOR FACEBOOK PLEASE WAIVE MY MONTHLY FEE. With hashtag #FacebookMonthlyFee. According to him, with this status update, the user only limited access without charge for one hour a week. If it's over the limit, the user will be charged the US $0.49 per minute.

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Previously, the hoax news about Facebook was also circulated at the beginning of 2011, which it is rumored that Facebook will be closed by Mark Zuckerberg because it has to be beyond what that he envisioned when making these social media.

Facebook Profits Continue to Rise

Is it true that Facebook as the largest social media underfunded due to its users? Thus the rumored to gains Facebook continues to experience increases. From 1, 28 billion people on Facebook, 802 million people accessing Facebook on a daily basis. This means that more than 80% very active use their Facebook.

In the first quarter of 2014, as quoted from Detiknet, Facebook claimed to have had a revenue of USD 2.50 billion. The income increased by 72% from the previous year in the same quarter with ad revenue growth rising to 82%

Even in the year 2012, Facebook revenue from ads "Sponsored Stories" only, no less than 1 million dollars per day.


So the news about facebook will start charging this summer is not true. You can still use facebook for free.

Hopefully the article useful for you by passing on the actual news. My advice, you should not easily believe the news that is not necessarily the truth.