32665 Facebook Mobile Confirmation Code

By activating the SMS Facebook on your mobile phone. You will always be connected anytime and anywhere to renew your status, knowing the status of the latest friends, send messages, post a comment, send a message wall, and more just by using SMS. You are not charged by the operator when receiving SMS Facebook. You are only charged the fare when you post comments on friends ' status, send messages/wall, and others.

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How to activation facebook confirmation code list via Your cell phone and computer simultaneously:

1. Get facebook confirmation code text on your mobile phone

  • Typing: F sends SMS to 32665 from your mobile phone.
  • Next, you will receive a confirmation SMS from Facebook that contains a confirmation code and a confirmation link.
32665 facebook mobile confirmation code

2. Register a Facebook account for Facebook SMS on the computer

  • Please log in to your facebook account.
  • Enter your email address and your password.
  • On the main page, select "Settings".
  • In the General Account Settings, select "Mobile".
  • If you've added your mobile phone number in your facebook account, then your number will appear, but if you've never been or want to add another phone number, click "Add another mobile phone number"
  • Please click Activate Text Messaging.
The next pop up will appear like the image below ...
  • Select your country.
  • Then select mobile carrier
  • Then, click Next.
  • You must enter the confirmation code, but to get the confirmation code, you must type in F on SMS send to 32665 (step # 1 above).
  • Wait a few minutes to receive your confirmation code from Facebook.

  • If you've got a confirmation code from Facebook, please enter this code into the field provided.
  • Next, click Next.
Now you can already be doing activity in facebook with SMS on your mobile.

I hope this article can help you and add to your knowledge about existing features on Facebook.